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The place where the rockhound is always welcome!

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       Welcome Rockhounds to the Brown        County Rock and Mineral Club. 

 We want you to feel welcome here.

Have a look around, meet new friends and enjoy yourself.

If you like Rocks then you're in the Right Place.

You don't have to live in Brown County to enjoy this club....

everyone is welcome anytime. You don't have to even live in

Indiana :) If you can get to a meeting you're welcome here.



         We are partnering with the Brown County State Park to put on

the first ever Rockfest.

    Saturday, June 5 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

at the Nature Center (ask at the gate or follow the signs). 

Check out our Facebook page for more details!




        Our Meetings are held

            On the 3rd Saturday of the month.

At the Brown County History Center
90 E. Gould St., Nashville, IN

Meetings start at 5:00 pm

in the Spring and Summer,

April thru September.

And starts at 3:00 pm in Fall and Winter,

October thru March. 

Remember to check Facebook for updates 

         on meetings, outings and our Annual Rock Show at:                               



 News Update!


Keep tuned in, our Annual Rock and Mineral Show is

coming up this September 25 and 26, 2021. Keep up

with Show news and photos on our Facebook page.







           Please check out our Facebook page   

Like us and talk to us...


I know I know, I don't like Facebook any more then you do.
But it is the best way to contact us.   





 List of Club Officers

President: Ed DeVoe  

Vice President: Don Crum

   Secretary:  Robin Dunn   

 Treasurer: Rhonda Dunn 

    Web Master: Clarence Snyder

Club Liaison: Robin Dunn

Club Mascot: Shelly

Club Photographer: Bandy Russell & Robin Dunn

Club Newsletter: Clarence Snyder

         Official Rock Identifiers: Don Crum and Michael Myers

     Show handlers: Rhonda Dunn & Don Crum

     Official Cracker Maker: Corrine Clardy

     Official caramel popcorn maker: Judy Myers


           Other openings are available!  






              See our new club logo below, Thanks Rhonda for coming up with it.








 I will post some photos on photobucket.



                     How to find Gatesville, Indiana

                                       Click Here

                          The map is just for reference, 

     The Best road is North Salt Creek Rd         
From US 46 go to Circle K gas station
by the Brown County Golf Course 

Go North on N. Salt Creek Rd about 7 miles


We occasionally have outdoor meetings

at the Gatesville Country Store,

they are strong supporters of our group. 



                 Photos  from  our  outings ,  meetings  and  other  stuff                     

           Photos from Central Indiana GPAA Boyscout Demo 2011

           Photos from Earth Day Demo Nashville Indiana 2011


           Photos from Falls of the Ohio 2010


           Photos from First outing of the year 2011


           Photos from Fossils


           Photos from Lawrence County Rock Show 2011


           Photos from June 8th 2011 outing photos


           Photos from Old Rock club photos


           Photos from web site stuff


           Photos from Rock Club July 16th 2011




                                    Outing to Collect Geodes


      Geodes from one of our outings in 2011 Southern Indiana. 

        The creeks were 40% geodes as large as bowling balls! 


These are photos from one of our outings a few years back.

The geodes above will hardly fit into the white 5 gallon bucket

they're that large, and these are the ones we left.

But we can only get into this place maybe once a year at best...

Or maybe not.



Lots of Geodes

 all photos by Jestin Kimmet 

and myself, Clarence Snyder




   This is the first we had.... many years back.

Club Photo March 19th meeting a few years back.

Photo by Jestin Kimmet


Guys it is time for a new group photo,

of all in this photo only 4 still show up.

One has passed away/maybe two and one has moved out of state.



This is the newest Group Photo. 10/2015

Photo by me (Clarence Snyder) not in photo







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 We Hope you Enjoyed your Visit with us. 


We are a member of the Midwest Federation of Mineralogical & Geological Societies.


Last updated 05/30/2021

Have a great day 

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