Brown County Rock and Mineral Club

The place where the rockhound is always welcome!

       Brown County Rock and Mineral Club®

      We have moved to a new location

                          We are still in Nashville but not at the fair grounds

                                        If you have GPS this is the address

                            209 N Van Buren St. Nashville Indiana 47448 USA

                                                 or for a map click below

                                                       click here for info



      Rock Show poster & info    2019







           Next Meeting will

            On the 3rd Saturday of this month

           and every month

                                       We are starting our summer hours

                                    so meeting will be starting at 5:00pm

                       Our meetings will not be on our outing dates if possible 

            Remember to check Facebook for updates on outings and meetings                                


    News Update!!!


We have our 501c3 not-for-profit thingy





                         NASHVILLE, INDIANA:

                               Annual show; Brown County Rock & Mineral Club,

                                         See poster above

      contact Rhonda Dunn, P.O. Box 2023, Nashville, IN 47448, (812)-320-6237;




              If you would like to receive an e-mail of upcoming meetings and outings

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                                                 Clarence Snyder - Webmaster






                                                                 New info

                                         List of Club Officers

                           President: Beva Felmy 

                    Vice President: Ed (<-Last name unknown by anyone) man of mystery

                           Secretory:  Robin Dunn   

                           Treasurer: Rhonda Dunn 

                       Web Master: Clarence Snyder

                       Club Liaison: Robin Dunn

                       Club Mascot: Shelly

             Club Photographer: Anyone with a camera

                 Club Newsletter: Lisa Pankiewicz Facebook reminders: Lisa Pankiewicz

         Official Rock Identifier: Don Crum and Michael Myers

                          Lisa P       : By-laws

                   Show handlers: Rhonda Dunn & Don Crum

         Official Cracker Maker: Corrine Clardy

Official caramel popcorn maker: Judy Myers


                                                    Other openings are available 









              See our new club logo below, Thanks Rhonda for coming up with it.




















                                       Check out the photos from the outing

                                                  on our Facebook page

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                 (I will post here and Facebook page is there is a change) *


                             meetings start at 5:00pm

                                               in spring and summer

                                         and 3:00pm in Fall and winter



     We have moved to a new location

            We will start the meeting around 5:00pm and stop around 6:30 or 7:00 

                                Bring something to show and tell or trade 

                                           and maybe something to giveaway




     At the outing Steven asked me why I don't post many photos on the web page.

    I said its because we use a free web page service and are very limited on the 

                                   amount of data we can use at a time

              Maybe later we will buy more bandwidth and have more info up here

             but for right now I post most photos on a photo server (Photobucket)

                                                        and Facebook.

                                      Thanks Steve for asking and caring. 



                                          Hey check out this web page

                        Its about geodes and rocks and its not only for kids


                       "This site is for kids of all ages who love rocks "

               Its a really cool site by  Gere and Elfi Berndl  of Ontario, Canada



                                   I will post some photos on photobucket.




        We no longer Take members on the webpage

                     It never really meant anything and just slowed down the page

                          join us on Facebook, like us and get to know everyone

                            or better yet... come to a meeting and see whats up.




          Club  meets every 3rd Saturday @ 3:00pm 

         October thru April and May thru September

                                      at 5:00pm

                 only if the weather is nice and dry

 The Brown County Rock and Mineral Club was founded in 2010 for the purpose of promoting interest in and knowledge of Brown County and the natural environment that surrounds it. (Rocks,Fossils & Mineral)
we are open to the public to answer questions if we can. Membership is open to anyone over the age of 18 (less if accompanied by a guardian)
Membership includes a right to vote at all club meetings as well as the option to suggest a location for outings and field-trips, You will also receive any newsletters and/or other members only things. (at this time we have no newsletter) 


                                            How to find Gatesville Indiana

                                                          Click Here

                   The map is just for reference, Best road is North Salt Creek Rd          

             From US46 go to Circle K gas station by the Brown County Golf Course

                                    Go  North on N.Salt Creek Rd about 6 miles




                            I got a little book about a week ago or so called

                             "211 Things A Bright Boy can Do by Tom Cutler"

                                 on page 212 is info on how to find fossils.

                                                            See below


                                                            Now to

                                            FIND FOSSILS


Should I be asked to choose between being the kind of guy who

  wanders the beach detecting bottle caps with a circular carpet

sweeper, or one of those fellows who discovers a new species of dinosaur

with a single blow of his hammer, the choice would not be a difficult



 Equipment And Collecting

o Notebook and pen

o A magnifying lens

o Sturdy waterproof boots

o Whacking tool (see below)

o Flask of hot chocolate

o Goggles and a hard hat for serious walloping under falling cliffs

o A strong bad for the big ones


       Always keep a proper record in your book and label each fossil with

                                details of where it was found.


Thats just a small sample of the info on fossils and thats just 2 pages of info

The book is 312 pages... and yes most of the stuff in the book is silly

and of now use to anyone, but its still fun and thats a okay list of fossil

hunting (even the hot chocolate). It cost me 2 dollars at 1/2 price books in

Greenwood Indiana. On a scale of 1 to 10 , 1 being the best... maybe 6




Our #1 Rule is Safety first  

We as a group or club can not/will not be held responsible for any and all accidents or injuries. You are responsible for yourself and anyone your a guardian of on all outings and field-trips.  Rock-hounding can be very dangerous and safety of yourself and others is a lot more important then anything you will find.  

Things you should have with you when you go out rock hounding. Red means every time



and more


We have some of the best Quartz geodes In the US right here in Southern Indiana. I for one am not a big geode fan myself but I do know alot of people go crazy over them. My mom used to pick up every one she ever saw, and would not let anyone bust em open ever. But even I know I am lucky to live in an area so full of a rock people love. Plus we are also in a great area for fossils and I really like fossils.


    There's a group that a few of our members go to called Southern Indiana Gold Prospectors

                 If you would like to check out there web site go to  the link below


                             Drop by and see what they are going over there



                                             Cephy the Cephalopod says Hi





                                   One of our members and a good friend

                                                              Bill Ming

                                               Passed away October 2011


                                     Bill and his Snoopy shaped rock he found

     Here is a photo of Bill on the day the group went on the outing to Monroe county

                      Bill was a very nice and friendly person and we miss him

                     He was a very religious man with a great sense  of humor

                           when he joined the club he put down he was 71 yo

                                                Bill was from Scipio Indiana

     Him and his wife were long time members of the Southern chapter gold club also


          Identifying Unknown Fossils (by their shape)

                                             Click above to follow link


      Identifying Unknown Fossils (by descriptive terms)

                                              Click above to follow link


        Pangaea +


                 Photos  from  Our  outings  and  meetings  and  other  stuff                     

           Photos from Central Indiana GPAA Boyscout Demo 2011

           Photos from Earth Day Demo Nashville Indiana 2011


           Photos from Falls of the Ohio 2010


           Photos from First outing of the year 2011


           Photos from Fossils


           Photos from Lawrence County Rock Show 2011


           Photos from June 8th 2011 outing photos


           Photos from Old Rock club photos


           Photos from web site stuff


           Photos from Rock Club July 16th 2011



                                           More will be added as we go by



                                    Welcome All Rock hounds

We want you to feel welcome here, Have a look around, meet new friends and enjoy yourself.

If you like Rocks then your in the Right Place.

You don't have to live in Brown County to enjoy this club.... everyone is welcome anytime. You don't have to even live in Indiana :) If you can get to a meeting your welcome here.


                                    Outing to collect Geodes


                                Geodes from one of our outings in 2011

                                                     Southern Indiana

                     The creeks were 40% geodes as large as bowling balls 


                   These are photos from one of our outings a few years back.

                                              The geodes above will hardly

     fit into the white 5 gallon bucket their that large, and these are the ones we left.

       But we can only get into this place maybe once a year at best... Or maybe not.                                                 

                                                         Lots of Geodes

                                                 all photos by Jestin Kimmet

                                                              and myself



                      We may not be able to get back into this creek till much later


   This is the first we had.... many years back.

   Club Photo March 19th meeting a few years back.                 Photo by Jestin Kimmet


                                         Guys it is time for a new group photo

                                         of all in this photo only 3 still show up.

             One has passed away/maybe two and one has moved out of state


                                    This is the newest Group Photo. 10/2015

                                  Photo by me (Clarence Snyder) not in photo








                                                 Don't Forget

                                      Check out our Links also.


                                    Beware the Danger s

                         Rock-hounding can be dangerous.

              Watch for falling rocks. also watch-out for snakes and other Biting things

                           Not good

 Also you need to hunt in places you know are safe. People setup meth labs out in the deep woods and places where you used to be able to go and take kids out and enjoy a day in nature. Not as much any more.


                                                   Facebook Page

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                                    We Support Our Troops



              * unless I forget to change something or don't update or anything.

                                                Don't blame the web guy


                              Steven said I had to post this on the web page.....

                                     but he never said it had to be at the top

                              I just want to say, it was hot and I got up early.

                                            I will be posting photos soon






                                    We Hope you Enjoy your Visit with us. 



                                                Last updated 04/25/2019

                                                       Have a great day 


Okay folks, I have fixed all the dates and times of meeting to 3rd Saturday at 5:00pm

                       If I missed any of them... please let me know about it.

                                                       (Clarence Snyder)


                                                            End of page