Brown County Rock and Mineral Club

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Sat. 8/14 1:00 PM August Meeting

Our August Meet is today. we will be doing a creekwalk looking for rocks and maybe more. Like A flit knaper showing us how to do it.

We will start at 1:00 and stop whenever we get tired. and the meeting.

Sat. 9/11 6:00 AM Club Meeting

We hope to have a guest speaker at this meeting to talk about meteors in  Indiana.

We may even have a guy show up with some.... or what we think are anyway.

Should be a good meeting.

Sat. 10/23
Mon. 10/25
All day Geofest Indy 2010

Treat your senses to the surprisingly aesthetic shapes and colors of Earth's raw materials and indulge your inner scientist at GeoFest. Oh -- and

you get to shop

Sat. 11/20 6:00 PM Club Meeting

If its cold outside we will be inside the store

Sat. 12/18 6:00 PM Club Meeting

Wow one week till X-mas!!!  :/

Sat. 12/25 All day X-mas

Happy Christmas everyone

Sat. 1/15 6:00 PM January Meeting

We will be meeting on the 15th this month at 6:00pm in Gatesville.

Sat. 2/19 6:00 PM Feb Meeting

6:00pm Gatesville

6:00 PM Feb Meeting

6:00pm Gatesville

Sat. 3/19 6:00 PM March Meeting

Meeting will be at 6:00pm in Gatesville

Sat. 4/9 All day First Outing of the year At 10:00am on the 12th the club will meet at the IGA store in Nashville for our outing. We will head from there to a place Don knows about to hunt geodes. We will take off at 10:30 so you only have a 1/2 hour to show up so get there early. Bring a... more
Sat. 4/16 9:00 PM No meeting

We will be having our meeting on the week before at the outing

Sat. 5/21 6:00 PM May Meeting

6:00pm Gatesville

Sat. 6/18 6:00 PM June Meeting

6:00pm Gatesville

Sat. 7/16 6:00 PM July Meeting

6:00pm Gatesville

Sat. 8/20 6:00 PM August Meeting

6:00pm Gatesville

Sat. 3/17 6:00 PM First Meeting of the Year

This is our first meeting of 2012

Hope to see everyone there

Sat. 4/21 6:00 PM Club Meeting

#2 meeting of 2012

Sat. 5/19 6:00 PM Club Meeting

#3 Meeting

Sat. 6/16 6:00 PM Club Meeting

#4 Meeting

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