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Fossil information will be here.

I got a little book called

               "211 Things A Bright Boy can Do" by Tom Cutler

                    on page 212 is info on how to find fossils.

See below


                                                            Now to

                                            FIND FOSSILS


Should I be asked to choose between being the kind of guy who

  wanders the beach detecting bottle caps with a circular carpet

sweeper, or one of those fellows who discovers a new species of dinosaur

with a single blow of his hammer, the choice would not be a difficult



 Equipment And Collecting

o Notebook and pen

o A magnifying lens

o Sturdy waterproof boots

o Whacking tool (see below)

o Flask of hot chocolate

o Goggles and a hard hat for serious walloping under falling cliffs

o A strong bad for the big ones


Always keep a proper record in your book and label each fossil

with details of where it was found.


That's just a small sample of the info on fossils and that's just 2 pages of info.

The book is 312 pages... and yes most of the stuff in the book is silly and of no use to anyone, but its still fun and that's a okay list of fossil hunting (even the hot chocolate). It cost me 2 dollars at 1/2 price books in Greenwood Indiana. On a scale of 1 to 10 , 1 being the best... maybe 6