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 As everyone knows, rocks are fun to collect and educational and sometimes valuable.

There are alot of people that live in Indiana that still don't know we have gold in our   

   streams or even diamonds. As well as garnets and other semi-precious stones.

Anyone wanting to start looking for gold or diamonds in Indiana should start with the

  book->     IGS Publication C12   Gold and diamonds in Indiana—an update (2005)

                                    Indiana Geological Survey Bookstore    

Another good way to get into prospecting in Indiana is one of the local chapters of the

          Gold Prospectors Association of America

        Theres 3 clubs in the state meeting every month (spring ,summer and fall)

            The southern chapter ->

              Is a great place to check out and see if its something you will enjoy

                The people are friendly and like to help out new folks just starting.

  The cost to get started is not that much.... all you really need is a pan and somthing

      to dig with. the new plastic gold pans sell for around $10 to $15 bucks and

          any digging tool should work.




              Rocks are everywhere but the really good ones are hard to find

                                             Good luck finding the great ones!

                          Let us know what your finding and we may post it.

           Send the info and photos on your finds or just whats going on to  me at



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                                     We also hunt Fossils

                         We are a Rock and Minerals AND Fossils Club.


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                                       Maps of stuff in Indiana


Time scale

Indiana and around this area (Ohio)we have rocks from Ordovician in the east

to Pennsylvanian in the West (Illinois) Thanks to the Cincinnati arch.

                                                              See Below

We must of had Dinosaur but if we did the Ice Sheets from Canada must have crushed

them into dust... So no Dinosaur bones in Indiana. Some times we will find mammoth

bones, well I never have but some people have :). 

What are some of the rocks and fossils found in Indiana ?

ell that's a good question if I do say so myself :)




Horn Corral 







































This is a list that I will be adding to over time to give anyone not sure what Brown County and Southern Indiana has in the way of collecting materials.



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